Differences between the PSX and SNES version

Clock Tower was remade on the Playstation and renamed Clock Tower: The First Fear. The remake is virtually identical to the SNES version, except for a few interesting changes.

For one, there is a new 3D prerendered intro just before the title screen. The graphics in the intro are nowhere near photographic quality, unlike the graphics for the game's close-ups, which actually are photographs. Here are some pictures from the intro:

Some visual effects, such as the fog in the bathroom where Laura is dead, have been completely changed, as seen on the left.

Some additional close-ups have been added, too, such as the parrot close-up at the right.

Sound effects and music are now completely redone and sound much more convincing than they did on the SNES.

Jennifer now tires much more easily by running than she did in the SNES version. However, she also recovers her adrenaline very quickly as well.

Players now save manually, rather than having the game save automatically for every room. The ability to save is disabled while being chased.

You can't pause.

Scissorman has a few additional places to suddenly show up and surprise you.

Your portrait flashes multiple colors, not just red and blue, during "panic" mode.

When the parrot is let out of its cage, instead of "I'll get you!", it now screams "I'll kill you!" instead with a voice that's a little clearer.

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